Excellent Property Investment : Eaton Square


Diep River is an area of fast increasing value and potential, making it an excellent choice for capital growth in years to come

Buy to Live

EATON SQUARE promotes a community-oriented lifestyle in a safe and sustainable environment, which enables the whole family to live an active and Beautiful Life!


Buy to Invest

Looking to invest in property in the Southern Suburbs? Diep River is an excellent property investment, which offers a substantial capital growth opportunity!

The Location
As property prices in the Cape have seen consistent growth over the last 3 – 5 years, many popular suburbs have become very expensive. Diep River’s location provides great value for a modest price and is poised for strong capital growth in the coming years, as well as offering attractive rental returns.

Low Risk
According to research done by Propstats, Diep River is an ‘overlooked suburb’ and holds promise of long term capital appreciation.

Flyt Property Investment has recognised that an innovative co-living solution will provide consistent real returns to property investors. From the investor’s point of view, rentals are increased by furnishing and letting apartments on a shorter term, flexible, per room basis. These apartments also form part of a fully-managed rental pool, where all the admin is taken care of and single-tenant vacancy risks are eliminated.

Investment Options:

Buy to Let

You are welcome to acquire a conventional apartment and manage it yourself. However, if you are more interested in a hands-off and admin-free solution, see our Rental Pool option below.

Self Manage

Rental Pool

The twenty-six Co-Living apartments form part of a formal rental pool, fully managed by an on-site team. Investors have access to a host of rental pool benefits, including:

  • Furnished Apartments at no Additional Cost
  • Quality Tenants who ‘Tick All The Boxes’
  • Lower Financial Risk
  • Higher Returns due to Managed Co-Living Solution
  • No Admin

Section 12J Investment

EATON SQUARE’s rental pool qualifies as a 12J Investment allowing investors to write off 100% of the investment amount for tax purposes.

Why does Section 12J exist?

SARS introduced the incentive to stimulate investment into businesses which create jobs and grow the economy. EATON SQUARE Co-Living qualifies for this incentive as it is a fully-managed solution, including furnished units, on-site meal options and a range of other services and facilities.

This means that:

  • SARS will finance up to 45% of the investment (depending on the investor’s marginal tax rate)
  • Any entities are eligible, including individuals, Trusts and Companies
  • Your investment is made via a Section 12J entity (investors become shareholders rather than owning a unit outright)
  • A Section 12J investment at EATON SQUARE requires a minimum investment of R1 million and a maximum of R2.5 million


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